Get More $Tips With This App

by Dan Liu

What can restaurants learn from Square's credit card tipping method? It makes customers happily tip more.

If you want the tip increase, but can't use Square for good reason. I've built a free tipping app called "Tickled" that you can use alongside your tip-adjustment POS.

But before I show you the app, let me answer the FAQs for the app:

Is it weird to hand people an iPad in a restaurant?

Fabrocini's, an Italian restaurant is handing out tablets/phones with the square tipping screen to patrons. People are generally amused by it. Some even said "it's great to see you guys using new stuff". Only a few senior customers were grumpy about it, but still used it.

What kind of tip increase can I expect?

We have tested this at two restaurants. For dine-in, expect 50% increase as more people choose 20% or 25%. For delivery, counter/take-out and catering, expect twice the amount as people who normally tip nothing tip 10%, 15% or 20%.

If I already use Square can I increase tipping?

50% chance you can. Square has two tipping modes:

  1. Customer tips and signs in the same interface. This allows customer to sign without tipping.
  2. Customer must select a tipping option or hit "no tip" in order to bring up the signing interface.

Number 2 produces much more tips. Some customers using the first option get confused as to what they should do —— Often time they sign without realizing the tipping options.

Tickled — The Tip Enhancer

Tickled works by integrating itself into a normal tip adjustment workflow.

Tip adjustment involves 2 steps:

  1. have customers write a tip amount on the merchant receipt.
  2. Enter the tip amount into the credit card portal.

Instead of subjecting your guests to a math problem like $23.5 * 20% + $23.5 in the step 1, hand them a tablet or smart phone with a choice of 15%, 20% or 25%, along with the dollar amount calculated.

That's what "Tickled" does, what's more, your guest can sign on it after tipping.

"Tickled" is an offline web app. Go to from your tablet or smart phone, which save it in the device's web browser. Then you can use it to record tips and adjust them later. Happy tip collecting!